The Rio Cafe, TAKE 2

The Rio Cafe serves lovingly prepared breakfast and lunch. We offer a selection of local beer and wine for you to enjoy on our sunny terrace overlooking the river.


8am – 7:30pm Thursday - Monday



(707) 865-4190

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introducing PAUL & ALAIN

Paul & Alain

Paul & Alain

Paul and Alain come to the Russian River Community after years of foodie experience world wide. Both raised in self sustainable cultures they have enjoyed a farm to table lifestyle and hope to bring that practice directly to the "Rio Cafe Take 2". Paul was raised on a dairy farm in northern Vermont eating farm fresh eggs, milk, vegetables, beef, lamb and pork while Alain, Belgian raised in the Congo, then Zaire, was raised with combo of African and Belgian cuisine consisting of Waffles, Chocolate, Mussels and Fries, Goose, Zebu, Igname root, Goat, Mangos, pili pili spice, guava, pineapple, red mushrooms and let's not forget the variety of snakes, :(,  although two complete sides of the world the experiences were much of the same with different ingredients.

Conceptually the plan took place when they started making ice cream, both sharing a passion for serving people the foods that brought them such joy growing up. The recipes have been developed through their families for generations. They were searching for a place to showcase the ice cream. One thing led to another and they have joyfully taken on the challenge of owning a cafe. As the cafe develops you will see it take on a distinct combination of their personalities and memories, while showcasing the same local favorites that we all have come to enjoy. They realize the importance to having a symbiotic relationship with the historic theater so therefore decided to only add on the to name of the cafe as the "Rio Cafe Take 2". The first month has proven to be both challenging and prosperous.