#SavetheRio Kickstarter Campaign

In addition to the updates from the 2013 campaign below, you can also read updates about the rewards and news on the #SaveTheRio Kickstarter campaign page

Campaign Updates

5/10/13 - Now we start the digital upgrade and backer thank-you’s. We will be keeping you posted here on our website e-news list, in Kickstarter backer updates, and of course at Don’s Dogs Café. Stop by for a burger or dog and introduce yourself if you are one of our ‘perfect stranger’ backers. We want to thank you personally!
Remember that the 'Save the Rio' campaign started BEFORE the Kickstarter campaign and it will continue until we have completed the upgrades we set out to do. There were people who chose to support us with cash in our donation box or a hand written check and this continues to be an option. (Please remember that any checks should be made out to 'Save the Rio' so that it can go directly into that account we set up especially for this purpose.) 
Don and I would like to THANK all those volunteers who helped at our many Sunday events and the volunteers who have helped us achieve this Kickstarter goal. This was simply NOT POSSIBLE without every single one of you!